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Cinema and Fantasy

I created this blog for everyone who enjoys Marvel, DC, Star Wars etc. This is a place where I'll share my favorite characters, stories and you get to do the same. I'll also give reviews on movies and shows I've watched and I'd love your feedback as well. I'll be adding more stuff when I can and eventually I will have contests and betting polls on stuff. Enjoy.

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Who I am.

A little bit about me. I've always loved anything Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers etc. Also I have always loved video games, mainly...

What I'm posting.

All my posts will mostly be about movies, tv shows and also reviews of them. Once I get enough followers I will be having voting and...

Why I made this site.

Cinema has always been my favorite thing. Not because you sit around and watch, but because your able to escape the real world and just...

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